Back To The Basics-Nutrition 101

When we  read any  information concerning  how to get  physically fit  and even healthier, I can almost assure you at some instances you  must  have  come  across  some  very  different  and  diverse  doctrines  about  nutrition and  the  basics  involved  in  the  are  very  convincing  and  most  are  being  carried  away  by  even  very  wrong  one  that  make  them  loss  focus  and  interest  on  the  diet  they  usually  used to  program  themselves  using.  It  is  nothing  to  wonder  about  as  we here  many  are left helpless and  confused  even  left  unaware  of  what  to  do  to  look  like  and  even  feel  and  enjoy  like  the  others. Well, today  your  fear  will come  the  stop  for  all  the  worries  are  ending  by  this  article  will  take  you  through  some  very  informative  topics  that will  help  you  cater  with  and  handle  you  daily  diet  plan


This  word “carbs” have  been a major point  of  discussion  over  a  long  time  by  many  health  professions over the  previous decade.  What most  people have  never  come  to  comprehend is the  different  categories  of  carbs  that exist and  have  the  different  effects  on  the body;  Here are the various  groups  and  example  on  how  they  should  be  consumed;


Leafy Carbs: These should  be  taken  anytime  one  feels like  and  in  large quantities  like  about 7-9  in  a  day. Examples of  these  include  like: spinach,  kales, onions cabbages etc .And although they  are not as fibrous, other  vegetables  like   mushrooms, onions, peppers etc, are  also  suppose to  be frequently included in our daily diet.  A diet  of this  fibrous carbs is on average 1 cup while a served  of the other vegetables is usually ½ a cup.  Having  in mind that if you increase your fibrous vegetable matter too quickly, you may have some digestion issues  that  may  come  after  that  if  you  fail  to  balance  the carbs, so a digestive helping  carb supplement is an important food  for  us  also.

Sugary vegetable Carbs:  Eating  of  about  1-2 servings of  sugary  vegetable  in any  serving  of  your  diet  is  quite  helpful, though  in  most  of  the vegetable food  that  we  have  mentioned  above most  are  of  high sugar  content.  Examples to  name  a few: all types of berries, oranges, beets, carrots, apples etc  Also work  to  have  these  carb  that  are  salty  with  a little  bit  of  the  protein  in  them and  an  addition  of  the  fats  that  work  to  help  your  blood  sugar level  at  the  optimum and  in  stable  state.

Starchy  Carbs: Serve this  type at least 1-2 servings that  is  2-3x   in  a week  mostly after weight workouts training to help stock up muscle  with glycogen.  Examples to  list  a few are: rice, quiona, oats, all varieties of potato  etc. Any  eating of these carbs is on average of  around 1 cup cooked. It is  worth  to  note  that carbs  are  of  different types. Just  follow  what  is  directed  to  you  like  above  to  have  your  balance  in  the  diet  as  you  take  the  food.


This  is  the  other  food  group that  is  surrounded  by  many  myths  that  makes  us  to  avoid  this  very  important  diet, like  consumption  of  fats  makes  us  to  be  very  fat  beyond our  wills, and  with  time  some  change  have  been  even  made  in  our  food to  reduce  the  percentage  of  fats  in  our  foods.

It is  sure  to  say  that  less  fats  in our  foods  will  have  some  effects  like; reduced  sugar  craving, increased  ability  to heal, lowered  cholesterol, reduces  inflations  among  others.

Sources of good fats; Consume  foods  like olive  oil, coconuts, avocado, ghee, fatty  fishes  etc  serving  of  food  like  this  fats  ranges  between 10-20 grams.

Sources of bad fats;  This  should  be  rarely  taken  in very  small  amounts. They  are most  vegetable  oil, fried  food mass  produced  cake, hydrogenated  oils.


Proteins  being  the  most  important  food  type  that  ever  most  people  like  to  take, experts  suggests  that  generally  protein  is  a good  food  and  should  be taken  regularly eaten. It is  very helpful to  decrease body fat, keeps  full  for  longer, boost muscle tone.  So  far  there  is  no suggestion  that excess protein  that  have  been  discovered  to  have  harmful  outcome  to  the  body, use the guidelines below to figure out just how much protein you should be consuming every day for optimal health and performance. Some good sources of protein; Grass-fed beef, eggs, tilapia, cod, pork  among  many  others. The  more  proteins,  you  have  to  remember  that  the  higher  activity  of  the  body  the  higher  the  calories  you  have  to  consume,  and  more  protein  is  needed to  repair  and  build  up  the  body.


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